Tuckpointing is the process of cutting out old, damaged, or deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Brick, stone, and other masonry elements may last a lifetime, but the mortar has a shorter lifespan of twenty to thirty years depending on exposure to different types of weather. Mortar is a paste that adheres these products together and once damaged must be replaced to prevent further deterioration to a building.

A building needs repair when it visibly shows sign of mortar deterioration. If mortar is missing, soft or crumbling, has visible cracks, and the mortar has eroded from the original brick or stone it’s time to repair the joints.

Proper tuckpointing requires a high level of skill on the part of the Mason as it has a crucial effect on the appearance and structural durability of the masonry wall, and is essential in the business of masonry restoration. Our Masons’ at Advanced Masonry Restoration are highly skilled professionals. Each Mason is trained through the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers training center apprenticeship program; offering the highest quality education in the masonry trowel trades.


An important element of any successful restoration project is in the brick replacement. Advanced Masonry Restoration workers specialize in the replacement and installation of brick. When it comes to replacing the damaged or worn brick we will first remove any remnants of the worn brick and clean out the cavity to ensure the best installment. After that, we will add the mortar and insert the new brick, taking the time to ensure the brick and mortar will match the existing materials in your building.


Stone repair is usually defined as patching of a spall, which is a broken or worn area of stone. This is completed using a material specially designed to match the original stone matrix being repaired: granite, limestone or sandstone. The patching material is tinted to match the color of the stone and Advanced Masonry Restoration’s highly trained Masons work with the material to match the texture and contours of the stone.

Stone installation is the process of removing an entire stone and replacing it with a new stone if needed, or resetting the original stone that may have moved out of place.

Terracotta Repair

Terracotta is a clay tile that has been used for hundreds of years. When it comes to repairing or replacing the terracotta, some challenges arise because each stone is unique in its design. When terracotta degrades, the color changes, it can chip and/or crack so matching the tile color may require additional testing of the material. Terracotta can be patched, re-glazed, or secured depending upon the condition of the piece in question. Advanced Masonry Restoration has extensive experience in repairing this material.

Concrete Repair

Concrete & Warehouse Floor Repair

Concrete is the combination of cements, rock, sand, and water mixed in the proper proportions. This mix is then placed in forms, with a reinforcement system. There are several reasons that concrete may need to be repaired. This could be from support bars that are rusting, the use of winter salts, freeze or thaw, or improper finishing. A quick investigation can be done to figure out what caused the damage to the concrete, and with this information the proper repair can be determined.

Masonry Waterproofing

There are several processes that Advanced Masonry Restoration executes that revolve around waterproofing your building. Besides tuckpointing, the following may be incorporated into your repair and restoration project:


Caulking is a flexible membrane that is used to seal gaps in the exterior where mortar would fail. Buildings, with the changing temperature and climate, will expand and shrink periodically. Caulking is designed to work with the building while it moves. The material has its limitations and knowing the limitations of each of the products and how it is installed, helps us choose the proper product for the application.

Through Wall Flashing

Most modern masonry buildings are a cavity wall system, this means there is a main structure with a veneer tied to this structure. The veneer will take on water, and the flashing system is in place to keep the water out of the interior and direct it to the exterior. If there is a material failure, poor workmanship in the original construction, or a design flaw, the systems will fail.

Exploration and Testing

Sometimes the cause of the water infiltration cannot be clearly seen. This is when Advanced Masonry Restoration will help you with opening your wall systems to locate the cause of the problem.

Masonry Cleaning

Along with restoring your building, Advanced Masonry Restoration will clean the exterior of your building. We believe in full-service care, and sometimes the thing your building needs most is cleaning. This is accomplished based on three things: the type of building material, the type of latent on the surface, and the method of cleaning. This can range from as little as low-pressure washing, to using specialized chemicals to remove the dirt from the surface. The testing of different cleaning materials and strengths may be necessary to achieve the best overall look for your building.

Exterior Building Façade

A façade is the exterior face or wall of a building with many different design features and architectural elements. The word façade can signify any external wall of a building but many times it is the front wall with an entrance. A façade can be simple, decorative or quite ornate. An Architect considers many details in designing the buildings walls; from the placement of windows and doors, to the materials used such as stone, brick, concrete and wood. The type of façade system that is used depends on the type of building and on local planning ordinances.

Advanced Masonry Restoration takes into consideration the architectural style of the building before any repairs begin. The style of the building determines the techniques and materials used to determine the best method of restoration.
Advanced Masonry Restoration is your single source for exterior building repairs. Our services include not only the traditional masonry restoration repair items such as, tuckpointing, brick, stone, concrete, terracotta repair and caulking. We also have an extensive history in window replacement, railing replacement, balcony repairs, coating and waterproofing; these are just a sample of what we can repair on the exterior.

Our extensive knowledge in accessing the exteriors of the buildings has created a demand for specialization in this type of work and we continue to expand on what we offer as both the contractor and the self- performer of these services.

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