Upper Fort Snelling

Minneapolis, MN

Fort Snelling has a long and rich history dating back to the 1800’s. Over the years of it’s construction and expansions, it has gone back and forth from being a military base to serving as a tourist attraction. Once, in 1858, it was sold and used as a sheep pen before being reactivated in 1861 due to the Civil War. In 1946, Fort Snelling was fully decommissioned following the end of World War II and was established as a National Landmark in 1960. Fort Snelling began it’s journey with reconstruction in 2008 when a landscape study was done. Advanced Masonry Restoration was awarded the exterior repairs on 16 of the buildings for the Upper Post of Fort Snelling in 2021. Weis is the Construction Manager and Dominium is the General Contractor for the project as well. The scope varies by building with the majority being 100% tuckpointing of exterior brick. We also are completing stone replacement, washing, stone pointing, brick replacement, interior pointing and patching. Information from upperpost.org


Department of Natural Resources



Project Scope

  • Tuckpointing of Exterior Brick
  • Stone Replacement
  • Washing
  • Stone Pointing
  • Brick Replacement
  • Interior Pointing
  • Patching


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