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Tuckpointing is the replacement of mortar that has been damaged or depreciated over time. Brick, stone, and other masonry elements may last a lifetime, but the mortar has a shorter lifespan. Mortar is a paste that adheres these products together and once damaged must be replaced to prevent further deterioration to a building. Proper tuckpointing is crucial in the business of masonry restoration and the highly-skilled craftsmen at Advanced Masonry Restoration have had over 50 years to perfect this process. Each craftsman is trained through the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers training center apprenticeship program; offering the highest quality education in the masonry trowel trades.

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Our professional staff is dedicated to providing value-added masonry corrective cleaning, repair, replacement, and more; all of which has made AMR the recognized leader for masonry restoration in the greater Twin Cities metro area since 1998.

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