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Soo Line City Apartments

Minneapolis, MN

The Soo Line Terra cotta, tuckpointing and refurbishing project

Coordinating the Soo Line project measuring, cataloging, and delivering the terra cotta pieces were key to the success of this project. There was a 120-day lead time from approved drawings to delivery. Even with additional pieces Advanced Masonry was able to stay within budget and complete the project on time.

The historic clock was disassembled on site while its faces and mechanisms were sent out to be remade. AMR professionals remade the missing or broken metal parts of the clock in our shop.

Project Scope

  • Removal and replacement of 2200 individual pieces of custom made terra cotta, including new brackets and gutter liners
  • Removal and replacement of the entire inside of the parapet wall brick; the brick were matched to the historic brick removed
  • Installation of a new terra cotta rain screen
  • Caulking of all windows
  • Tuckpointing of the building
  • Refurbish the historic clock


Village Green


MC&MCA Honor Awards for Excellence in Masonry Design & Restoration – 2015