Lovness Estate Project

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Lovness Estate - original Frank Lloyd Wright House

Lovness Estate

Stillwater, MN

The Lovness Estate house built in 1957

An original Frank Lloyd Wright, this house was built in 1957 and set on 20 acres. The original design was to have four structures on the property, but only two were built. The Studio and the Cottage. The stone work on these two structures was completed by Virginia Lovness. The houses were a combination of Kasota Limestone mixed with wood. New stone was used because the original stone was set with the bedding planes the wrong way which caused extreme deterioration. The mortar joints on both structures were installed to give the appearance of the original recessed joint, but will not hold water on the stone. We had the privilege of working off Wright’s original blue prints for the house.

Project Scope


+Remove the chimney to the roof deck

+Rebuild the interior with block

+Install new stone to the original design.

+Install the original capstone

+Miscellaneous tuckpointing on the interior

+Removal of a past stain from the base of the interior


+Solid cut and tuckpoint the chimney from the roof level to the cap

+Replaced approximately 30 stones on the chimney


Private Residence