Northrop Auditorium

Minneapolis, MN

Advanced Masonry Restoration was hired by JE Dunn to rebuild the East and West parapets at Northrop Auditorium after the East Elevation parapet failure in winter 2023. The project consisted of demoing multiple wythes of brick and removing the existing limestone caps and bands. The wall was rebuilt with a CMU backup wall, rebar and core filled, installation of a weather barrier over the CMU wall, installation of new limestone bands and caps, laying of new brick, caulking the control joints, and installing lead t’s at the skyward facing joints.


Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota



Project Scope

  • Demo Multiple Wythes of Brick
  • Removal of the Existing Limestone Caps and Bands
  • Reconstruction of Wall with CMU Backup Wall
  • Rebar and Core Filled
  • Installation of New Lintels
  • Installation of a Weather Barrier over the CMU wall
  • Installation of New Limestone Caps and Bands
  • Laying New Brick
  • Caulking the Control Joints
  • Installation of Lead T’s at the Skyward Facing Joints


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