Masonry Waterproofing

Building before waterproofing

building needing masonry waterproofing

Advanced Masonry Restoration uses several processes for masonry waterproofing your building. In addition to tuckpointing, the following may be used to restore and prevent further water damage.

Caulking Removal and Installation:

Caulking is a flexible membrane that is used to seal gaps in the exterior that have excessive movement, where mortar would fail. Buildings, will expand and shrink periodically, with the changing temperature and climates. Caulking has been designed so that it will work with the building while it moves. The material has its limitations and knowing the limitations of each of the products and how it is installed, helps us choose the proper product for the application.

Through Wall Flashing:

Most modern masonry buildings are a cavity wall system, this means there is a main structure with a veneer tied to this structure. If the original building has a design flaw, then the veneer will take on water. The flashing system is in place to keep the water out and prevent moisture from damaging interior structures.

Exploration and Testing:

Sometimes the cause of the water infiltration cannot be clearly seen. This is when Advanced Masonry Restoration will help you with opening up your wall systems to locate the cause of the problem.