Loring Green East Masonry project


Minneapolis, MN

The biggest challenge of this project was based around it being a twenty three story building. The rigging of swing stages and the amount of rig overs were very crucial in the production of this project. Working at high elevations we had to be very careful with the handling of material and the work itself. Railings weighing up to three hundred pounds had to be removed. Those railings were lowered to the ground at heights of up to two hundred feet. Our professionals met the challenges of this project and delivered quality restoration to the building.


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Project Scope

  • Installation of 3,200 lineal feet of through wall flashing
  • Removal and replacement of 55,000 lineal feet of sealant
  • Replacement of 200 damaged brick
  • Repointing of 500 square feet of mortar joints
  • Through wall flashing of 227 building corners


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