Duluth Masonic Temple

Duluth, MN

The Duluth Masonic Temple underwent a rebuild of its exterior wythe parapet. The repair consisted of demoing the exterior wythe brick that was deteriorating, parging of the backup wall for the lower 6-8 courses of brick, installing a peel-and-stick membrane for the lower 6 courses of brick, relaying of new exterior wythe brick, and caulking the skyward facing joints on the elevation.


E.P Alexander, A.M Miller, and E.Z Williams



Project Scope

  • Demo of Exterior Wythe Brick
  • Parging of Backup Wall at the Lower 6-8 Courses of Brick
  • Installation of Peel and Stick Membrane at the Lower 6-8 Courses of Brick
  • Relaying of New Exterior Wythe Brick
  • Caulking the Skyward Facing Joints on the Elevation


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