Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Pillsbury A Mill repairs in progress; concrete repair

Concrete is the combination of cement, rock, sand, and water mixed in the proper proportions. This mix is then placed in forms, with a reinforcement system. There are several reasons that concrete may need to be repaired. This could be from support bars that are rusting, the use of winter salts, freeze and thaw, or improper finishing. A quick investigation can be done to assess what caused the damage to the concrete, with this information, the proper concrete repair can be determined.

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First of all our dedicated professional staff adds value to masonry corrective cleaning, repair and replacement of brick, block, stone, pre-cast concrete and other materials. Therefore our staff makes AMR the recognized leader in restoring masonry.

Most noteworthy, we are a firm with over 50 years of experience. Because each project is carefully planned before it is started by taking into consideration each job’s unique needs. Finally, each step in the process is designed and implemented in great detail to ensure the safety of our employees and to deliver a high quality project on time and within budget.