Building Restoration Services

Advanced Masonry Restoration Building restoration services in Minneapolis and St Paul area

Building Restoration Services
Twin Cities, Duluth & Rochester Areas

  • AMR’s most noteworthy building restoration services are:
    • Historic building restorations
    • Commercial buildings
    • Industrial buildings
  • Historic restoration and preservation
  • Masonry restoration
  • Brickwork and natural stone restoration
  • Historic stone renovation
  • Masonry services
  • Stonework restoration services

Take a Close Look and See Why…

First of all our professional staff is dedicated to added-value masonry corrective cleaning, repair and replacement, for brick, block, stone, pre-cast concrete and other masonry materials. Therefore our staff makes AMR the recognized leader for masonry restoration.

Most noteworthy, we are a restoration firm with over 50 years of experience. Because each project is carefully planned before it is started by taking into consideration each job’s unique restoration needs. Finally, each step in the restoration process is designed and implemented in great detail to ensure the safety of our employees and to deliver a high quality project on time and within budget.