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Commercial and Industrial Facades
Twin Cities, Duluth & Rochester
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  • Facade repairs
  • Brick and stone repair for:
    • Commercial
    • Industrial or
    • Historical buildings
  • Historic preservation of brick and stone masonry
  • Railing replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Balcony Repairs
  • Brick & stone masonry cleaning, coating, & resurfacing
  • Waterproofing- sealant replacement, caulking, thru-wall flashing
  • Tuckpointing

Take a Close Look and See Why…

A façade is the exterior face or wall of a building with many different design features and architectural elements. An Architect considers many details in designing the buildings walls; from the placement of windows and doors, to the materials used such as stone, brick, concrete and wood. Advanced Masonry Restoration takes into consideration the architectural style of the building before any repairs begin. The style of the building determines the techniques and materials used to determine the best method of restoration.

Advanced Masonry Restoration is your single source for building façade repairs. Our services include not only the traditional masonry restoration repair items such as tuckpointing, brick, stone, concrete, terracotta repair and sealant replacement and caulking, but we also have an extensive history in window replacement, railing replacement, balcony repairs, coating and waterproofing; these are just a sample of what we can repair on the exterior façade. Our extensive knowledge in accessing the exteriors of the buildings has created a demand for specialization in this type of façade repair and we continue to expand on what we offer as both the contractor and the self-performer of these services.