Brick and Stone Replacement & Installation

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Fort Snelling Brick and Stone replacement

An important element of any successful AMR restoration project, is the removal or replacement of the damaged masonry units with new like materials or by resetting the original material. Advanced Masonry Restoration specializes in these services.


When it comes to replacing the damaged brick, we will first remove any remnants of the brick and clean out the cavity, to ensure the best installment. After that, we will finish the joints, taking the time to ensure the brick and mortar will match the existing materials in your building as close as possible. Advanced Masonry has the capabilities to custom match brick.


Stone repair is usually defined as patching of a spall, which is a broken or worn area of stone. This is completed using a material specifically designed to match the original matrix. The patching material is tinted to match the color of the stone and Advanced Masonry Restoration’s highly trained craftsmen will work with the material to match the texture and contours of the stone.

Stone installation is the process of removing an entire or partial stone and replacing it with new, or by resetting the original stone that may have moved out of place.